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Another stunning “living wall” by vertical garden designer Patrick Blanc takes our breath away. This installation at the National Theater in Taipei is called “Butterfly Dance”.


These days the flower industry has developed into a leading agricultural sector in Taiwan as people start to pay more attention to environmental beautification.

And in order to adapt to increasingly dense human communities, a new method of growing and display called vertical gardening has emerged.

Greenery decoration in urban areas can help economize on space if planted in a vertical direction. Renowned French botanist Patrick Blanc is famed for such innovation and has recently created two green walls in the National Theater in Taipei.
Dedicated December 11, Blanc’s brainchild ‘Orchid Waltz’ is a perfect symbol of Taiwan’s orchid industry.
” ‘Orchid Waltz’ is made up of two separate green walls: one displays Taiwan’s native species, and the other demonstrates Taiwan’s technological advances,” said Blanc.

The green wall called ‘The Butterfly Dance’ features 46 hybrid species of orchids for a total of 250 plants, along with 2,000 Adiantums. The other wall, titled ‘The Wild Dance’, utilizes 25 species of Taiwan native orchids for around 230 plants and nine other kinds of foliage plants, a total of 2,900.

As Taiwan is known as the kingdom of orchids, the idea of the green walls is ‘a homage to both orchids and people working with orchids,’ according to Blanc.

vertical garden

Phalaenopsis is the most popular of all orchid species. The flower’s name means “looking like a butterfly,” as its scientific name implies: in Greek, Phalaen- means ‘butterfly’, and opsis means ‘looking like’. Due to its lovely shape and colors, the Taiwanese have a special fondness for this butterfly-like flower, calling it the queen of orchids.

Living wallNTCH Chairperson Tchen Yu-chiou, second from the left, French artistic botanist Patrick Blanc, center, and Director of French Institute in Taipei Patrick Bonneville, second from the right, pose for photos during the unveiling ceremony of the Orchid Waltz art installation held on December 11 at the National Theater in Taipei.

Living wall close up

Vertical garden

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