Do-it-yourself living wall installation by Matt

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Matt and his Vertical garden

Matt has a detailed video here of how he created a living wall Patrick Blanc style. You can visit his site for more information about how he made his living wall. First, here’s the video of how it was made:

Below are some details that Matt so generously provided about his indoor living wall installation in his New York apartment:

  • The first layer is the frame. Usually that’s made of aluminum or wood. Then there’s a waterproof layer of plastic. Lately I have been using recycled corrugated polyethylene sheeting; 2 sheets 6mm thick layered to make 12mm.
  • The seams  of the plastic were sealed with silicone. So were the screws. Just a dab of silicone on the screw head keeps the water from escaping out the back. Our basin was made from PVC ( a material I wouldn’t use again due to it’s environmental impact). It was glued together with special glue. The shape is quite unusual because it ducks under our cabinet at one point. Also it’s curved to match the shape of the wall. Most basins will be much simpler.
  • The felt is 3/16″ thick and in his experience has been thick enough. I have seen some Blanc walls that have used an even thinner material. The material is stapled to to the plastic in two layers. The cuts for pockets are only made to the first layer.
  • We cut 5 inch pockets separated by only 2 inches in between. Then we staggered the rows vertically and separated them by 4 inches. The plants we used were from 3 inch pots.
  • The dirt from the pot is left around the roots when planting, but no extra dirt is added.
  • It’s important to have a filter on your irrigation system. Mine never really had one and I wasn’t very good at keeping dirt and plant matter out of my basin. Periodically I would have to take down my irrigation hose and clean out the clogged holes with a paperclip while running water through it. This was a time consuming process… so I added a filter.
  • The pump waters the vertical garden 7 times (every 2 hours) a day for 2 minutes per watering.
  • I use compact fluorescent bulbs. They are NOT full spectrum. I think they may be “cool white”. From “Ecology of the planted aquarium” by Diane Walstad she shows that “cool white” is almost as good as full spectrum for growing plants.

living wall

Living wall

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  1. chuck frogner

    Can you tell me where to get the felt? I live in S. FL and want to build one. Yours are beautiful! Thanks, Chuck

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