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Living Wall Panels - Living walls and Vertical Gardens

Living Wall Panels

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You may have heard of the GroVert Living Wall Panels. Elevated Landscape Technologies (ELT) was the original designer but a new manufacturer bought them out a few years ago and refined the panels and their dimensions. ELT was originally designed in Canada and I thought this was an interesting video with one of the inventors.
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  1. Where can I buy the Living Wall panels?

  2. What a awesome site. This is actually very interesting and it was one of the only pages that kept me reading. Lest time it happens was a month ago with the blog Earth Blog 2020, also a good one.
    It`s hard to find quality like that on line, congrats for the page, very good!

  3. I love your website, due to it’s clean and simple design. This video was interesting and I would love to see more videos when the panels are planted or more complete.

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