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Biggest Vertical Garden in South America

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Check the last work in Colombia, the biggest vertical garden in Southamerica. For job enquires in Columbia:

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The video below shows a bit of the install.
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Silvanus Vertical Garden in Istanbul

Here’s the first living wall of Istanbul. Designed as a billboard for Siemens, the 90 m2 garden is located on a building in Şişhane undergoing renovation. The garden is home to 4000 plants belonging to 8 different species, which do not require soil to survive. for more details. You can see for planters to make your own vertical garden.



Living Wall Panels

You may have heard of the GroVert Living Wall Panels. Elevated Landscape Technologies (ELT) was the original designer but a new manufacturer bought them out a few years ago and refined the panels and their dimensions. ELT was originally designed in Canada and I thought this was an interesting video with one of the inventors.

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