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Natura Towers Exterior

The vertical garden wraps around three sides of the Natura Towers’ square and faces south, east and north. The green wall surface has several breaks around doors and shop windows. The wall garden covers the sides of two sets of stairs that connect the square with the upper and lower levels.

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The north facing wall has only indirect sunlight. It has a variety of ferns such as AspleniumAthyriumPteris and Polystichum, and many broad leaved species like different BegoniaPilea, and Arum. Ferns do really well in lower levels of light and are found in many successful living walls.

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There are also contrasting fields with thin, linear leafed plants – like Iris japonica and some varieties of Chlorophytum comosum. Combined with a few solitary, larger exotic plants, like Philodendron bipinnatifidumPlatycerium bifurcatum and Monstera deliciosa, the living wall has a moist, woodland character with a tropical touch.

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For a large part of the day, the south facing wall is shadowed by one of the buildings, but still, the sun exposure creates significantly different growing conditions. Unlike the other walls where most plants have rather modest flowering, this wall is more colorful, for example species of CeanothusGeraniumFuchsiaBergeniaCupheaHeucheraLantanaPelargonium and Campanula. There is also some areas with grass and grass-like plants. The intention is to create small, light, moving grass-fields framing some of the openings.

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by Vertical Garden Designs

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The Plantominium

The Plantominium is a very simple way of gardening vertically, and a bit of a different approach to making a living wall. It fits in a small envelope, but unfurls to hold 6 commonly sized plant pots in a vertical display just over 5 feet tall. These pots – 4.5 inch round, 4 inch square (with beveled corners), or 3.5 inch square – can be found at most gardening centers. It takes about one minute to put it together and then it’s done.  It makes for a “wall” when several are used together, but .

Vertical gardens

A wall of kalanchoe set up at a nursery on long island

A wall of kalanchoe set up at a nursery on long island

ZENGROW wall garden

Edibles from ZENGROW vertical garden in restaurant Bravuria, Finland.

Rinse the tabletop garden thoroughly before use and fill with cold tap water to the maximum level, as shown in the instruction manual and picture on right.

Find a proper place for the device with an even temperature of 20-24 °C degrees. If placed near a window, make sure there is no draft. In case of draft, place the device near a wall with an even temperature.

Normally, the lamp is left on for 24 h/day. This gives an effective growth to your plants. The light can also be adjusted with a separate timer to 18h on and 6h off for optimizing electrical usage.

Keep the pump on continuously. The circulation of the water keeps it oxygen-rich and fresh.

Add water once a week to keep the water level up.

ZENGROW 2: change the water and add two (2) ZENGROW nutrition tablets in to the water every second week.
ZENGROW 6: change the water and add four (4) ZENGROW nutrition tablets in to the water every second week.

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