The Plantominium

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The Plantominium is a very simple way of gardening vertically, and a bit of a different approach to making a living wall. It fits in a small envelope, but unfurls to hold 6 commonly sized plant pots in a vertical display just over 5 feet tall. These pots – 4.5 inch round, 4 inch square (with beveled corners), or 3.5 inch square – can be found at most gardening centers. It takes about one minute to put it together and then it’s done.  It makes for a “wall” when several are used together, but .

Vertical gardens

A wall of kalanchoe set up at a nursery on long island

A wall of kalanchoe set up at a nursery on long island

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  1. Hello,

    I am a landscape designer and contractor in India. Please let me know how I can start the installation of vertical garden here.


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