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Edibles from ZENGROW vertical garden in restaurant Bravuria, Finland.

Rinse the tabletop garden thoroughly before use and fill with cold tap water to the maximum level, as shown in the instruction manual and picture on right.

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Find a proper place for the device with an even temperature of 20-24 °C degrees. If placed near a window, make sure there is no draft. In case of draft, place the device near a wall with an even temperature.

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Normally, the lamp is left on for 24 h/day. This gives an effective growth to your plants. The light can also be adjusted with a separate timer to 18h on and 6h off for optimizing electrical usage.

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Keep the pump on continuously. The circulation of the water keeps it oxygen-rich and fresh.

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Add water once a week to keep the water level up.

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ZENGROW 2: change the water and add two (2) ZENGROW nutrition tablets in to the water every second week.
ZENGROW 6: change the water and add four (4) ZENGROW nutrition tablets in to the water every second week.

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Read more about ZENGROW wall garden here:

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If you want ZENGROW wall garden at your restaurant contact us:  info(a)

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If you want to eat in the restaurant Bravuria find more information here:

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