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GroVert Plant Recipe

Here’s a fun way to garden vertically with a recipe of plants that fit perfectly in the GroVert Vertical Garden Panel from Urban Zeal. Many people often wonder what plants work well in a vertical garden. Really planting vertically is similar to growing plants in pots or containers. You have to watch out for the amount of light the plants get as well as the root depth the plants need. That’s it! The handy diagram below shows you a sample setup in a GroVert container that has room for about 4″ root depth. This plant recipe will do well in both indoors and outdoors in shade. We’ll post more of these recipes periodically.


The Light Hearted P

Living Wall Panels

You may have heard of the GroVert Living Wall Panels. Elevated Landscape Technologies (ELT) was the original designer but a new manufacturer bought them out a few years ago and refined the panels and their dimensions. ELT was originally designed in Canada and I thought this was an interesting video with one of the inventors.

Natura Towers Exterior

The vertical garden wraps around three sides of the Natura Towers’ square and faces south, east and north. The green wall surface has several breaks around doors and shop windows. The wall garden covers the sides of two sets of stairs that connect the square with the upper and lower levels.

The north facing wall has only indirect sunlight. It has a variety of ferns such as AspleniumAthyriumPteris and Polystichum, and many broad leaved species like different BegoniaPilea, and Arum. Ferns do really well in lower levels of light and are found in many successful living walls.

There are also contrasting fields with thin, linear leafed plants – like Iris japonica and some varieties of Chlorophytum comosum. Combined with a few solitary, larger exotic plants, like Philodendron bipinnatifidumPlatycerium bifurcatum and Monstera deliciosa, the living wall has a moist, woodland character with a tropical touch.

For a large part of the day, the south facing wall is shadowed by one of the buildings, but still, the sun exposure creates significantly different growing conditions. Unlike the other walls where most plants have rather modest flowering, this wall is more colorful, for example species of CeanothusGeraniumFuchsiaBergeniaCupheaHeucheraLantanaPelargonium and Campanula. There is also some areas with grass and grass-like plants. The intention is to create small, light, moving grass-fields framing some of the openings.

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