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EcoWalls is focused on creating a sustainable solution to vertical landscapes. We manufacture a modular living wall system and specialize in the design, installation, maintenance, and research of living walls. Our company additionally offers an allied professional program, training design professionals to install and maintain our vertical gardens so that they may offer the finest living wall product and services to their clients.

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Using Your Wall As Nature's Canvas

 EcoWalls is creating a green footprint in urban environments.  We offer our clients a unique opportunity to connect with nature in unexpected spaces by creating lush gardens on building facades, freestanding structures, and other vertical surfaces.  We are a full service firm specializing in manufacturing, designing, installing, and maintaining living walls.  We offer the highest quality products and services in the industry.  Our company also provides training to design professionals so that they may extend our products, knowledge, and services to their own clients.

With years of research behind EcoWalls, our materials, methodology, and focus are to provide our clients with a sustainable approach to creating living architecture so that they may enjoy the aesthetic and environmental benefits of our living walls for years to come.

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EcoWalls in the Classroom

On August 23rd, 2011, the EcoWalls team was chosen by Lafayette College students to participate in the Davis Projects for Peace Grant to build and install a mobile, educational living wall and integrate their green product into the urban classroom at the

(BOGCHS).  The students of Lafayette College selected EcoWalls based on the company’s philosophy and passion for green design and sustainable architecture.

Mr. Steven King, Founder and Director of the Sustainability and Programs at BOGCHS, believes this project based curriculum will, “help young people to become involved in the conversation on sustainability so they can effectively analyze the problems their generation will face”.  To that end, EcoWalls continues to be instrumental in applying and promoting sustainable practices; using their living walls as educational tools to promote environmental understanding and awareness.

The EcoWalls Mobile Living ClassroomStudents helping to release fsh into the aquarium of the living wall

Students helping to release fsh into the aquarium of the living wall