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EcoWalls, Living Wall Systems


Using Your Wall As Nature's Canvas

 EcoWalls is creating a green footprint in urban environments.  We offer our clients a unique opportunity to connect with nature in unexpected spaces by creating lush gardens on building facades, freestanding structures, and other vertical surfaces.  We are a full service firm specializing in manufacturing, designing, installing, and maintaining living walls.  We offer the highest quality products and services in the industry.  Our company also provides training to design professionals so that they may extend our products, knowledge, and services to their own clients.

With years of research behind EcoWalls, our materials, methodology, and focus are to provide our clients with a sustainable approach to creating living architecture so that they may enjoy the aesthetic and environmental benefits of our living walls for years to come.

1200 Florence Columbus Rd.
Bordentown, NJ 08505
Ph: (908) 268-2281
F: (908) 788-7646


Vertical Gardens Technology

Plant wall design is a company that creates and install  living walls, plant walls and vertical gardens using live tropical plants.

We work closely with architects and designers to create a living art piece using live plant materials, and help them to bring the project to life.




Nedlaw Living Walls Inc.

Nedlaw Living Walls Inc. is the world leader in Indoor Air Biofiltration.  With over 10 years  of experience and more than 150 installations throughout North America, Nedlaw has emerged as a leader in the field. With installations at high profile clients like Google HQ, SunLife Financial, Bell Canada and over 35 high profile Universities, Nedlaw’s experience is second to none.  For more on our Form and Function visit our Website.



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