DIY – Create a Living Wall in Your Home or Office

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Maybe you have a small space that needs decorating? Or you live in an apartment and having a garden seems impossible? But, it’s time to dream – and now your dream can become a reality as a garden is possible in a small space. No longer are you restricted or limited to horizontal landscape designs. It’s easy to create upwards by designing your very own vertical garden. So, get creative with easy to use, simple, modern vertical wall systems. It’s time to have fun with new textures. When designing vertically you are creating something truly special –  it’s alive, it’s breathing, it’s environmentally friendly – your new stunning living wall.


Office Living Wall

Don’t be deterred by the installation process, it’s easy and with the fifteen easy steps listed below you too can create something remarkable in your home or office.  Look at the diagram below, as it helps to be able to visualise how the wall ends up being put together.





  1. Take a tape measure and determine the exact location for the metal spacers.
  2. Place the spacers vertically at each mark and screw them directly into the wall.
  3. Attach the drain trays along the bottom edge of the spacers.
  4. Assemble the side and top trays, and attach them along the top edge.
  5. Lift into place by starting with the side panels.
  6. Insert the centre panel to finish the lower half of the walling system.
  7. Lift the panels one and one half inches from the bottom of the bottom tray and screw this into place using washers to make sure it is secure.
  8. Put the upper panels into place, make sure you start off at the side panels and then end with the centre panel.
  9. Once the panels are screwed into place, ensure that you fold the felt seam correctly to prevent water dripping onto the floor. The purpose of the felt seam is to help direct moisture within the panel system into the right place. Tuck the upper flap into the panel below and fold the lower flap up.
  10. Ensure that the bottom flap is then tucked into the bottom tray to direct moisture into the lower tray, ensuring that it is drained away.
  11. Use a ‘drain to waste’ irrigation system which helps drain away any extra water which is not absorbed by the plants. This can be done by using quarter inch soaker hoses threaded between the pockets and pulling them securely.
  12. Automate the watering system by installing hoses in every forth row as this will ensure even watering.
  13. Connect the watering system to a digital hose timer that is located outside.
  14. Now that the wall is fully installed and irrigation tubing is in place have fun by designing your own garden. Look at the diagram below of how you would insert plants. Remember to  think about the look you want, whether you want an instant grown-in-the wall look or not.
  15.  Remember to wrap the roots of your plants with pre-moistened felt squares to protect the roots and keep the installation tidy. You can then simply insert the plants into the pockets creating the wonderful living wall.
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  1. Amelie

    I love the idea! The implementation is bit involved for a girl alone but the outcome looks very refreshing… I should utilize a husband :)

    • Gavin

      You can do it! Or use husband power but it really isn’t too tough at all, I would love to see some photos once you have your up and running!


    I think this is an excellent project and generally seems to be manageable to build if I take my time. What I need is more detailed information about the materials used to build it. The framing seems fairly straight forward, however what are you using for the planter? I am hoping to work around the excessive cost charged for simple plastic planters. The ability to customize this is fantastic.



  3. corina

    Hi! I live in Norway and would love to give it a go. I am thinking for indoors: Im thinking of an instant grown-in-the wall look . I have a big house so I would use one of the living room wall for it. Is there a web page where I can purchase this frames from???

    • Gavin

      I recommend – I am not sure they ship to Norway but it’s worth finding out

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