Indoor Herb Vetical Gardens

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It’s approaching the end of summer and rather than saying good-bye to your herbs why not go inside and try an indoor vertical herb garden? But, if you live in an apartment and have space restrictions a permanent vertical herb garden might just be the solution for you – where you can have herbs inside all year round. You may also like to get creative and add colour by adding succulents.



When growing any vertical garden indoors or outdoors the biggest consideration is choosing the wall and analysing how much light you will get. The light will impact the herbs you can grow inside.


What should you grow your herbs in?


The best solution when growing herbs inside is to use woolly pockets as they provide the right environment for growing herbs and vegetables. The best kits come with moisture barriers to protect your wall (of course you can use these kits either inside or outdoors).  Woolly Wally’s offer a sustainable solution where the pockets are made by 100% recycled bottles: Woolly Pockets


Top Herbs To Grow Inside on Your Vertical Garden

Walls Which Don’t Get Much Light

If your wall doesn’t get much light there are herbs which will have a better chance of survival indoors. One of the easiest herbs to grow indoors is chives. Your best bet is to get a cutting from an already existing chive plant but go for a cutting from the roots upwards. Another herb which thrives in shade is of course mint, where you have options of both mint and spearmint. They are hearty herbs but since they are invasive keep your minty herbs in their own woolly pocket. If you don’t have space to grow both mints then peppermint is probably the better option as you don’t need as much to create a minty effect.  Another indoor herb which is easy to grow is parsley which is a wonderful addition to any herb garden. It’s very easy to grow but remember to be patient as parsley grows very slowly. But, the positive note is that parsley doesn’t need much maintenance in terms of cuttings.


Sun Loving Herbs

Greek oregano is a very sun loving herb insisting on at least six to eight hours of sun. Another sun loving herb is thyme which is also greedy for sun also needing six to eight hours of sunlight but it might even want more!  If you have space in your woolly pockets you might even be able to grow lemon thyme which is a much rarer herb, but has a lovely citrus flavour. Vietnamese coriander (cilantro) is a very reliable herb but indoors the Vietnamese version is easier to grow. Rosemary is a lovely creeping plant perfect for any vertical garden indoor or out. Tuscan Blue or Blue Spire are upright varieties which are perfect for a living wall.


One of the most delicious flavoursome is herbs basil but it is also one of the most difficult to grow indoors especially in Winter months. However, if you want to give it a go, the best basil varieties include Spicy Globe or African Globe.


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  1. Rodrigo

    Hi, I don´t know anything about vertical gardens except they look beautiful, Im not an architect or a designer or anything that can make me figure out how this works but I do have a person which I love that would love to have one of this. I have come tu understand that vertical grdens most be made out of smaller plants, anywho, I know she loves cherry trees and I was wondering if it was possible to make this or something similar with them. Can you help me out with this please?

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