Vertical gardens, work or pleasure?

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Nacho Solano, manager of  Paisajismo Urbano, shows us the results of the first vertical garden put inside a building: 25 m2 of garden where you can observe its operation and characteristics.

The system, which was made by Paisajismo Urbano, has been improved taking into consideration works by Patrick Blanc. One characteristic of these kinds of gardens is that they don’t allow the proliferation of insects or bacteria, since the system bears a biological repellent.

Water usage is minimal since the excess water returns to be collected and used for subsequent irrigation through a closed loop that recirculates the water.These gardens require little maintenance and operating because they work with the principle hydroponics. The only maintenance needed is a periodic review of facilities and any pruning.


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  1. Harald Lied

    I completely love it!!!! i’m thinking in doing something like that at home, where can i find more info about it like materials, watering system etc.

    But as i said before this is a work of Art!!


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