Why create a Living Wall in Your Garden, Home or Office?

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Vertical gardens are stunning, and plants create wonderful visually appealing walls which can turn drab concrete into something spectacular. Also, vertical gardens are perfect for the space poor – as now it’s possible to have a garden even if it’s not horizontal. But, despite the obvious visual aesthetics of a having a living wall what are the other benefits and why should you turn your boring concrete into something quite remarkable?



Improved Energy Efficiency


Living walls are an excellent solution to improving a buildings thermal insulation. Once you install a living wall, you’ll more than likely find energy reductions in either heating and cooling of the building.


The amount of energy saved varies, and of course is influenced by many different variants. Influencing factors include: climate, distance from the side of buildings and the density of the plant coverage.  Other benefits include:

–         living walls create excellent wind protection during winter months

–         Interior living walls help reduce the energy required for heating / cooling the outdoor air for indoor use

–         limits movement of heat through thick vegetation mass

–         the living wall structure is able to reduce the ambient temperatures by offering shading

Building Structure Protection

All buildings are exposed to the elements and weathering over a period of time. Buildings expand and contract and these shifts and movements might occur because of heat, where perhaps the building is directly exposed to UV rays. Or maybe the building shifts because it is exposed to extreme cold weather and freezing temperatures.  A living wall has huge benefits because the plants protect the building against the weather fluctuations. Also, the living wall is great protection from those windy days which helps with seals or air tightness of doors and windows.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

A great benefit of having plants indoors is that they are natural filters. Living walls are able to help remove contaminates that are normally flushed of buildings through traditional filtration systems. The plants capture airborne pollutants such as dust and pollen as well as filtering noxious gases, VOC’s from carpets and furniture.


Noise Reduction

The plants growing inside the living wall system will help contribute to an overall reduction of noise that transmits or reflects from the wall.  Buildings sitting on busy roads are hugely benefited because the living wall acts to block out noise.  The amount of noise reduction and sound the living wall is able to filter out does depend on the depth of the plants, the plants and materials used as well as the structural components when creating the living wall.


How to get all these benefits:

It’s very easy to DIY a vertical garden. But,  you need to find the right vertical garden panels to suit your garden design. Depending on the style of your home or office there are very nice stainless steel vertical garden panels.  My personal favorite are the Cedar Herb garden panels (so you can have the added benefit of having a herb garden).   Good luck!


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  1. Maximise the outdoor area of Home

    It’s a good idea to create a living wall in garden, home or office. It has multifarious benefits as shared in this blog.

  2. Sonya

    Front porch exposure to east north and south. Want to make living wall on all sides of front porch half way up. Starting today. Will take pictures as I go

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